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Get Involved

Rock Ridge thrives on community! Our members have forged life-long friendships through their involvement at the lake, and children who grow up here often become friends for life. If you’re a new member, the best way to meet other members is by volunteering at the lake. Our mission is to create a beautiful, welcoming environment for everyone, while also fostering the community that makes us the best lake around. Fill out our form to join in the fun!



If you want everyone to know your name, sign up to bartend! The Rock Ridge Lounge is open whenever we have bartenders available to serve! All you have to do is be a member over the age of 21 to bartend, and it doesn’t require knowledge of how to mix drinks (we offer a selection of canned cocktails, as well as free-poured liquor).



Ryan Newkirk

The Board

Rock Ridge is managed by a board of 10 volunteers, 3 of whom are elected (or re-elected) every year. Want a say in what happens or doesn't happen around here? Super excited about the community? Join the Board!



Fishing Club

We have a lot of people who love to fish at our lake! Historically this has been a club, but we are currently looking for someone to lead it next season!



Forestry Group

In 2020, Rock Ridge began the transition to a managed forest (Qualified, or QFARM), which works with the NJDEP to improve the health of the forest and lake. One such way is by removing dead trees and other items, which are chopped and sold as firewood.



Patrick Gahagan

Lake Activities Community (LAC)

Plans many of our events, such as Oktoberfest, Halloween, Chinese New Year, and other parties for families, kids, and adults. Meetings are fun, short and sweet on the 3rd Tuesday each month.



Andrea Lacey


Rock Ridge Plant and Animal Lovers Society. This group meets to discuss and learn about native plants and animals around Rock Ridge. You can learn how to identify what's in your own backyard to connect with your natural community and be a good steward to the lake.


Susan Akers

(Hub Lakes)

We participate in Hub Lakes Sports. Swimming, track & field, shuffleboard, darts (separate league than Hub Lakes), horseshoes, volleyball, softball, and bowling are just some of the activities available to members. Some are teams for kids, others are for adults, so please send an email for more information.


Amber Hilburn

Wake and Rake Crew

Join the crew who helps keep our lake beautiful. From seasonal cleanup days to daily tasks, we have a crew who loves to take care of our lake and have a good time doing it. This includes our former Junior Groundskeepers, so it's an activity the whole family can get involved in.


Jen Van Saders

Join the fun!

Do you like to garden? We could always use a green thumb to manage the flowers around the lake. Have a favorite interest that you'd like to share with others? Great idea for fundraising? We like ideas. Send them to

Side effects of volunteering at Rock Ridge include life long friendships, everything you assumed was possible when you joined, a sense of moral superiority, soul satisfaction, and, for the kids: lessons on helping out, new skills, and credit towards community involvement for college! Rock Ridge is a 503(c)7 nonprofit, and volunteerism is the heart of Rock Ridge: it all begins with the click of a button.

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